No. 4 Coming & More On No. 3

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Chick No. 3 Hatching - Look for its beak poking out on the left
Chick No. 4 Hatching

It seems that chick No. 3 is having a bit of a rest as it hasn't hatched yet. It is unzipping its way around the egg and you can just about make out its beak at the far left poking through the shell membrane.

It looks like chick No. 4 has also started its journey into the world as you can see in the picture above.

The time to hatch seems to vary but hopefully, they will both have hatched by the morning.

No.3 On The Way

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I can feel this scratching under my tum and it turns out chick No. 3 is trying to get out :D

Can you spot its beak in the photo and at the end of the video ?

Chick Meets Mummy & Daddy

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I let mummy and daddy hold one of my chicks to get a closer look.

How cute are they :p

Daddy also held some food for one of the chicks to take a peck at.

Their First Walk

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Oops !
Oops !

My little two babies decided to go for a little explore of our house :)

Baby No.1 also decided to do a No. 2 :oops:

Meet My New Chicks

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So far, two little chicks?have hatched with two more to go.

The first one appeared about 8:30am with the second about 9:30am.

You can see some pictures above and a video below.

Sorry for making a mess in the video and for accidently standing on one of my little babies :oops:

Mummy also says sorry for squealing with excitement at the start of the video :roll:

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