Seven Weeks Old

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It's been a while since my last post as mummy and daddy have been away on holiday and didn't get chance to take any photos of my growing chicks.

As you can see, they are getting enormous now and really look like baby versions of us big girls :p

They are becoming quite a handful and won't stop dashing around, especially when there is food around. Daddy is getting worried that he might step on one when he comes to feed us and they are all under his feet !

Four Weeks Old

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No, I'm not dead ! Just having great fun rolling in the dust !
No, I'm not dead ! Just having great fun rolling in the dust !

Today my chicks are four weeks old and my, haven't they grown !

I don't recognise them now from when they were one day old as they seem to grow and change colour by the day. It makes recognising them very difficult :)

Today was also quite warm so when daddy let us out into the big run, the chicks decided to have their first dust bath. No idea how they know how to do it but they had great fun rolling around in the dust and throwing dirt everywhere as you can see in the pictures and video daddy made with his new camera?:p

Time For Bed

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Today has been an exhausting day for the babies as they have been flying around the big run, getting into all sorts of mischief :p

So, everyone to bed for an early night.

The babies are getting a bit big now to snuggle up under my wings but I need to make the most of it as they will soon turn into grumpy teenagers and disown me !

Meanwhile, the other girls have been let out for a wander round the garden. I don't know what Lucy is doing but it looks like she thinks Madge is a dog :oops:

Three Weeks Old

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Is This A Boy ?
Is This A Boy ?

My little babies are still growing up fast and are no longer bundles of little fluff they used to be :(

They are little chickens now with proper wings and ever growing tail feathers.

One of the little chicks looks very different to the others in that the wing feathers are not as big and the tail feathers are not as developed as the others. Perhaps she is the boy and not the one we originally thought ? Or is she the only girl and all the others are boys ? Only time will tell.

Two Weeks Old

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Today, my little chicks are two weeks old ! I can't believe how much they have grown in such a short time. Their wings seem fully formed, they have feathers everywhere and are losing their chick fluff but they are still very cute :D

Mummy and Daddy let us out in the big run again today and the chicks had a good time scratching around in the dirt looking for food. Lucy was at the fence, as ever, and is still curious as to what the chicks are. When they are a little older, I am sure she will get to meet them in person.

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